Principal Investigator, Assistant Professor

Qian Lin, Ph.D.


Also, serve as Concentration Lead for Data Science for Biology – MScAC

As a systems neuroscientist, I am passionate about training future systems and computational neuroscientists, and I enjoy working with people from diverse educational and training backgrounds.

In my spare time, I enjoy martial arts, video games, Wuxia TV series, and spending time with my toddler. I am actively practicing karate and naginata while also playing Age of Empires with my spouse.

Current Members

Habibe Üçpunar, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow, UofT

Cameron Parro

Ph.D. Candidate, UofT

I am a Ph.D. student in the Lin lab researching whole-brain neural dynamics of sensory decision-making, with the broad goal of understanding how the activity of neuronal systems connects to the rich internal experience of subjectivity. I am also passionate about interdisciplinary research and education, and hope to bring a radical, critical lens into the lab and classroom. Outside science, I love keeping up with pop culture (shows, music, podcasts, memes), biking (fixed gear!), travelling, my cat, and a good amount of aimless wandering!

Christine Tang

M.Sc. Candidate, UofT

My research investigates how changes in the light cycle affect social behaviour in zebrafish. I will observe the behavioural consequences of altered light cycles, and then observe the cerebellum to unravel the neuronal mechanisms responsible for this relationship. In general, I enjoy learning about how animals function on an individual level, and how they interact with conspecifics to adapt to changes in their environment. When I’m not in the lab, I spend my free time crocheting and knitting, enjoying anime and K-pop, and looking at aquarium setups on Instagram. : )

Pauline Shen

M.Sc. Candidate, UofT

Undergraduate Students

Gavin Pu

· Undergraduate Researcher

Ashenafee Mandefro

· BCB430

Yapeng Zhuang

· Undergraduate Researcher

Oskar Moesmand

· Post-bac Researcher

Asia Anwary.

· CSB498

Jaden How

· CSC494 & CSC495

Haoze Li

· Undergraduate Researcher


  • Anuraag Nagaraja, Undergraduate Researcher, UofT, 2023 Jun – 2024 Apr
  • William Gagne, Work-Study, UofT, 2023 Jun – 2024 Apr
  • Ambrose Ling, Work-Study, UofT, 2023 Jun – 2024 Mar
  • Andreas Constas, Work-Study, UofT, 2023 Jan – 2024 Feb
  • Tony Yuan, Undergraduate Researcher, UofT, 2023 May – 2024 Jan
  • J Gravestock Snee, Undergraduate Researcher, UofT, 2023 June – 2023 Dec
  • Michelle Sun, ESROP & CSB USRA, UofT, 2023 May – 2023 Aug (also our lab Logo Designer)
  • Wei Jin Luo, BCB330 & Work-Study, 2022 Sep – 2023 Aug
  • Fangyi Li, BCB330, UofT, 2023 May – 2023 Aug
  • Bohan Yao, UTEA, UofT, 2023 May – 2023 Aug
  • Jason You, Undergraduate Researcher, UofT, 2023 May – 2023 Aug
  • Minzheng Liu, BCB330, UofT, 2022 Sep – 2023 Apr
  • Rico Zong, BCB430, UofT, 2022 Sep – 2023 Apr